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Dr. Bob has a very great love for God's Word, people, and science so he started teaching creation science roughly back in 2013. His studies are individually listed below along with a special series he did on Evolution’s Destruction

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Special series with Dr. Robert E. Lee on Evolution's Destructive Path.

Various studies with Dr. Robert E. Lee

     1.   First Life and the Amazing Cell

     2.   Dinosaurs; What Really Happened to Them?

     3.   Who were the Ancients?

     4.   The Story of Genesis in Chinese Characters

     5.   Fossils and Radiometric Dating

     6.   Evolution; The Fossils Say No

     7.   The Age of the Earth; Why does it Matter?

     8.   Birds and Dinosaurs

     9.   The Big Bang

    10.  God’s Unique Earth

    12.  Invisible Things of Creation

    13.  Out of the Dust

    14.  The Miracle of Life

    15.  Water; Showing God’s Glory and Care for Creation

    16.  Metamorphisis

    17.  Radiometric Dating; Geology and the Fossil Record

    18.  Plants; Declaring the Glory of God

    19.  Just Like in the Days of Noah

    20.  Noah’s Flood; The Real Story

    21.  Our Sun; A Witness for Creation

    23.  Amazing Animals

    24.  Aliens, ET’s, Angels & Demons Part 1

    25.  Aliens, ET’s, Angels & Demons Part 2

    26.  Unbelievable Theories to Support Evolution

    27.  How History Authenticates the Bible

    28.  Deceptive Icons of Evolution

    29.  The Star of Bethlehem

    30.  The More Sure Prophetic Word

    31.  Bad Things; Why do the Happen?

    32.  Evolution’s Harm to Society; Eugenics

     33.  Has the Bible Changed Over the Years?

    34.  Modern Science and the Bible © Mark Swartz 2015